Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

With the massive comeback bedbugs are making in hotels, homes and even on the news, no one is safe from attack until you know how to put up a fight. Whether you’re faced with a bedbug outbreak or just want to be prepared in case one strikes your home, the Bedbug Solution Center has all the info you need so you can rest easy knowing your fight against bedbugs won’t end with them biting YOU. Depend on our Bedbug Solution Center for tips on finding and treating bedbugs. Don’t let the bedbugs bite — we’re here to help.

Find Bedbugs

Half the battle of fighting a bedbug infestation is knowing you have one, and early detection is key. So, how do you know? What are the signs of a bedbug infestation? Take our bedbug-busting quiz to find out now! Check your answers after the bedbug-busting quiz to see if you know how to find bedbugs and detect if you have an infestation.

Treat Bedbugs

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

Did you know that bedbug infestations have increased a whopping 71 percent since 2001? Needless to say, increased outbreaks across the country have travelers and families on bedbug alert. But before you panic, find out about all your bedbug treatment options, including Hot Shot® insecticides’ three-step bedbug-elimination plan, and put your worries to bed. If want to know how to eliminate bedbugs fast and stop the pests in their tracks, read more now about how to get rid of bedbugs and other steps in the bedbug treatment plan.

Bedbug Prevention

What’s the best way to prevent bedbugs? Stop them before they move in! Our list of bedbug dos and don’ts will make sure you’re fully prepared, even if you never have to face a bedbug breakout. Learn how bedbugs get in, where bedbugs come from and how to protect your home from bedbug infestations. Prevention is key for a bedbug-free home.